Through the Woods

Through the Woods, is a hybrid memoir. Rooted in truth, this tale of generational motherhood is laced with the magical realism that often blurs the lines between fantasy and reality for one young girl being raised by her grandmother. Located in the Montana mountains, the story begins the day the girl finally musters the courage to ask the forbidden question: Where’s my mother?

Part love story between a girl and the wilderness of her land, Through the Woods, follows her as she explores and finds solace in the forested landscape of her home. Her deepest truths are wrapped in the wind and whispered through the trees while she wrestles with questions of belonging and identity.

Structured with three separate narratives, Through the Woods, is patterned after the works of Jenny Boully, with two threads running along the same page allowing the reader to follow the girl as she navigates life both with and without a mother, and also as a mother herself.